Why are sperm whales dive so deep? Whom ...

  Why are sperm whales dive so deep? Whom ... Noting the establishment of the International Whaling Commission in 1986, 1,111,112. Day Whale [/url] February 19, all of progressive mankind gratefully looks in our direction. He has much to be thankful Russia. Indeed, in contrast to bourgeois apologists who claim that the ancestor of modern whales was a mythical ancient insectivores, our domestic scholars have convincingly demonstrated that these aquatic mammals are descended from a wild beast, a close relative of dogs. And if we discard all this pseudo-mystery, one might even say for sure, from what it was.

I know ... Even when a school biology textbook portfolio peacefully coexisted with the "Russian literature", I knew that I could not Mumu drown. I could not! He survived and adapted to life, first in fresh water, and then the salty ocean water. After all, not only flow into the lake. But follow! And all the rivers, usually when something somewhere, but fall. And most of all - in the sea. Coastal. Behind them are a little bit more and that's it ... the world's oceans. In which, perhaps not blagodenstvuya, but now live all descendants of a small thoroughbred dogs, supposedly sunk two centuries ago in one of the reservoirs center of the European part of Russia.

All the whales - and the detachment of toothed and baleen from - amazing animals. And among them there are real unique. But even among the latter alone is 1,111,114. Sperm Whale 1,111,115. .

Well, judge for yourself - who else's head may be 1/3 of the length of the body? Yes, it is in males. But the females - too much. It is believed that a huge, dull, as if cropped, front, head and gave the beast his name. Because sperm whales, most likely, from the Portuguese cachola. "Big head" if you are already in Russian.

By the way, "stupid" - not characterize. Descriptive adjective. The shape of the head of the sperm whale was. And he is not stupid. And not just because of the mass of the brain that cetaceous leaves far behind all modern animals. Brain medium-sized sperm whale weighs 7 kg. And big it can pull and weighing about nine. The absolute record, not only.

No Sperm Whale equal and the length of his bowels: 160 ... No, you wait for it - one hundred and sixty feet! However, until now no one can say - and why so many carnivore. After all, what mainly feeds on this beast - is well digested and easily assimilated extraction, which requires daily adult Sperm Whale - neither more nor less - almost a ton. About 3 percent of its weight, which can vary from 20 to 50 tons, depending on who is ahead of us - male or female.

95% of the sperm whale diet - a squid, squid and octopuses. The remaining five - this is basically a fish: Pacific saury, cod, pollack, sea bass ... For if it is to sail close to his muzzle a carefree seal, sperm whale, and they do not disdain. But this - already are minuscule, which is good if in the 10th, and even hundredths of a percent fit.

If you take a closer look in the direction of cephalopods, it turns out that the share of octopus have no more than 4% of the entire contents of a huge sperm whale stomach. From this it follows that more than 90% eaten this whale - squid. Forage same value for the sperm whale are only seven of their species, three of which accounted for 60% of its diet. And now these three ... All of them - the so-called bathypelagic - most of them do not rise to the surface of the sea at a distance closer than five hundred meters. And some, particularly advanced, just feel comfortable at a kilometer depth. And even lower!

And to eat, Sperm Whale has to dive. Deep dive. Just because a dining table of 1,111,118. Whale [/url] installed at depths of 500 meters and below. So he dives. In this case the Sperm Whale has no equal among the mammals. Here he is again - an absolute record.

Although, if it honestly and frankly, the maximum depth to which the sperm whale can dive, not installed. While the strip sperm whale records recorded at a depth of 2200 m. It is at such a distance from the sea surface in 1951 was discovered by a whale entangled in telegraph cable connecting the capital of Portugal from Malaga. And this case - is not unique. Wrecked vessels for more than a dozen times raised from the ocean bottom cables, damaged entangled in their sperm whales. At depths from 910 to 1128 meters, for example, this happened five times.

Biologists studying the whales, believed that whale hunting brings excitement, in the midst of which he takes the cable for the tentacles of its prey - squid grabs it with his mouth and trying to pull an imaginary food resource on the surface, becomes entangled in a thick wire. As a result, and ... killed. Choking. Cruising some oxygen is limited.

Previously, scientists had the view that whales entangled in the damn cable at a much shallower depths. A place where they were found, they later simply slipped, slipping on the slope of the Sea. But more recent studies, for example, Yablokova (1962), argue that sperm whales were killed in the same place and fell into the telegraph-wire snares. This high degree of accuracy can be judged by the nature of cocooning cable mandible and tail beast.

Yes, sorry for the whales being killed as a result of this unfortunate accident. But these sad facts have allowed us to know how deep can sperm whale dive in search of prey.

Science requires sacrifices. Including of cetaceans. But thanks to them, know the answer to the question posed in the title of the article. So deep-diving sperm whales because they want to eat. At depths of 500 m and below is their main food resource.

Yes, like most other cetaceans, sperm whale could restrict considerably lower depths. But then he would not be the only hunter. Right-left of him on the same prey would have justified empty stomach other types of whales, Shark And sea birds ... But in the extreme depths in the sperm whale is practically no food competitors. Well, except perhaps pelagic trawl yes brothers from a family of beaked. But anyway ... one thing when a competitor can be on the fingers of one hand. It is quite another when they are - just clouds the surrounding area.

So with the question of why sperm whales dive so deeply, as if everything is clear. But clarity is only apparent. The great and mighty, he's ... difficult language. Oh, challenging. Multivariate. At the same adverb "why" the meaning may be different. On the one hand, it requires an answer to the question "why?". Or, in our specific sperm whale, the event - "for whom?". On the other - on the question "by what?".