Why so long sperm whale can stay underwater?

  Why so long sperm whale can stay underwater? [i] Nothing was said fish,
Only the tail on the water splashed
And she went into a deep sea ... 1,111,113.

So do not need anything. To say, in the sense ... Any more or less experienced whaler knows - if the sperm whale dives sharply, almost vertical, showing the sea surface as a final farewell to the caudal peduncle divorced in different directions with horizontal blade fins ... I saw that's such a huge "butterfly" ... All true sign. Oars and stamped their feet, slowly, to the galley to beg the cook pan or two of almond cookies. Hours teas can drive safely. And then two. Keith went to a depth for a long time. Emerges soon. And ... very far from the place where no words goodbye, splashing, waving his tail.

Kashalot'm not just going into the deep sea. He was at the very depth of his need. But not for the absolute record for diving. It's so - a deadly electives. At a depth of 1,111,114. sperm whale hunts 1,111,117. . This is where the live squid - its main prey. A mining because mining is called that by itself the hunting table misses. Do not want it and not seek to do so. Its more to hunt down, capture, get this very necessary extraction. And at this time need.

On average, the depth of the whale spends fifty minutes. Chas. But if not grown together something and they did not want to be caught squid, the sperm whale could be under water up to two hours. Up to two!

And it is - with all this that the amount of 1,111,116. Sperm Whale lung 1,111,117. on the mass of its body is twice less than that of the inhabitants of the land. For example, we have with you. But we ... ... dived and dived. A whale? Up to two hours! How? He's got a light ...

It turns out, not only in them. Why is the sperm whale's head so big? 1/3 of the length of the body, among other things. So. His head was not only the brain, fat and spermaceti. There is also a spare tank for air. The right nostril is the sperm whale, unlike the left, overgrown tightly. But the nasal passage ... not only did not overgrown, but has become even wider and larger in volume than the left "srodstvennik. And in this, the natural vnutrigolovnoy cavity, air, according to pundits, not less, than in the lungs. True, it is used not only for respiration but also for echolocation.

And that's not all. A qualitative composition of the fact that in the lungs and stock? Again, this whale is not so, as in humans. We have, for example, no special muscles - circular sphincters. And he - yes. When it is necessary for the business, they are taking and shrinking. And as a result of pulmonary alveoli - closed. Tightly. Blood that is already in the alveoli - nowhere to go. If you want, do not want, you do not ask, stop yourself in the place in the alveoli of these, and enriched. Like what? Oxygen, of course. This is the blood and enriched. Much better. We are so, for example, take a breath ventilating their lungs by 15%. A sperm whale - almost 90. And it turns out that the oxygen supply kit cleaner of a hamster with its famous cheeks.

Also! Oxygen is because you can store not only in the lungs. Or in the secret recesses, such as nezarosshego the nasal passage. Also - in the cellular tissue. In the blood, with hemoglobin. In the muscles, which garnered the oxygen is due to myoglobin.

The whale in the lungs, only 9% of the oxygen supply. In contrast, for example, from our depository at the same venue just over a third (34%). But our 13 per cent, brought from using myoglobin, not pale in comparison with sperm whale 41 percent. And it is - still nothing. Not the most critical relationship. If this aquatic mammals compared with the well-known to us domestic cow, the last of myoglobin in the muscles of 8-9 times smaller than the sperm whale.

For supply of oxygen in the blood of a person with a whale - a full parity. At 41 percent, and ours, and they have. But here in the sperm whale has a secret. Not all the blood he is involved in the process of circulation. The part before the time, hidden away in various hiding-places such as the spleen, the venous sinuses of the liver, the cavity itself veins ...

And how come the moment and need to quickly remove the whale hoard ... So the fact he has a special pump - the heart. Great. Meter per meter. And very good.