How to inculcate cleanliness hamster?

  How to inculcate cleanliness hamster? Many would like to make these lovely creatures, but most refused because of bad smell in the room, caused by a cell of the animal. Or, they told friends that it is quite smelly animal. In fact, a healthy hamster, who lives in a good manager or not smell at all, or the smell of it almost unnoticeable.

Like all living creatures, hamsters have to go to the toilet. The nature of this beast, you might say, is unique: a walk in the general sense - it is for him only "in a little". "At-large", he goes if not permanently, then quite often, and, most importantly, no smell. For toilet hamster oblyubovyvaet a one cubbyhole cells, which, incidentally, are subject to change. Thus, the main problem stank cells and are walking "in a little".

But this can easily be avoided with proper patience and care. How to - read on.

Repopulating just bought a hamster cage, make sure where he decides to make a toilet. Most likely, the toilet will be some of the corners of the cell. In a day in the hamster is your dressing corner, and distinguish it from others will be easy when wet on the filler. This angle should be thoroughly washed, then placed in a small jar or any other convenient for the constant washing capacity (for example, a large plastic kupalku for birds) and throw in a jar, except pure filler, some already dirty sawdust or napkins.

As you might guess, the toilet and will jar. Wash it much more convenient than the entire cell, but this should at least once in two days. If you teach a hamster to go into a special toilet and regularly clean jar, the smell will not. The exception is unhealthy animals and animals with impaired due to improper feeding metabolism, so it is more cautious, if a hamster cage, despite all the measures taken, begins to "breathe".

However, there is another reason odor: rotting vegetables in the house. This is what happens if they give too much. Although, as shown by the same individual observations, hamster cleanliness in terms of the order in the house and conducts periodic general cleaning.

Also, of course, necessary to periodically clean the cell itself, preferably using a simple soap or other "gentle" household chemicals. This is not so much to remove the unpleasant smell, but for health in general.